NEW E-Billing System Coming Soon!

Please make note of your P.I.N. in preparation for the system switch over.

This 4-digit P.I.N. number appears on your bill right under your Summary of Charges.

Within the next 90 days, we will be switching to a new online payment portal. All customers will be required to register in the new system using their current P.I.N. number.

You will receive notification when the new portal is open for registration.

Login failed - please make sure your User ID and password are correct.
About Account Security: To prevent unauthorized access to your account, eBilling requires that you access your account using the User ID and Password that you created during your initial registration.
If you have problems logging in, please contact Customer Service. Ascension/Livingston customers please call 225-621-4300 or 800-621-4211. Plaquemine customers please call 225-687-7000.